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Release of the first power battery lamination process white paper

时间:2019-07-15        阅读

In 2019, the most mentioned word in the power battery industry is "safety", followed by "cost". In fact, the reason why safety and cost are widely concerned is precisely because new energy vehicles are facing these two problems. The frequent fires of electric vehicles have aroused widespread concern and discussion in the society, which to some extent has affected consumers' purchase confidence and the healthy development of the industry; Subsidies have declined sharply, foreign battery enterprises have poured in, and both host manufacturers and battery enterprises are facing pressure to reduce costs.

To solve security problems, technology should continue to innovate; Resolving the cost pressure also requires technological innovation. Recently, the first "China International Electric Vehicle Safety Technology Innovation Conference", sponsored by China Association of automobile manufacturers (CAAM) and SAE international, and organized by honeycomb Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd., was held in Baoding, Hebei Province.

Fubingfeng, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Automobile Industry Association, said in his speech that for enterprises, ensuring the safety of new energy vehicles is not only the most basic requirement for enterprise products, but also the most basic requirement for fulfilling social responsibilities; For the industry, ensuring product quality and safety is also the basic condition to ensure the healthy development of the industry. He also pointed out that at present, the cost of new energy vehicles is still far higher than that of fuel vehicles, and all links of the industrial chain should continue to reduce costs through technological progress and scale effect.

As the core component of electric vehicle, power battery is not only related to the competitiveness of electric vehicle products of OEMs, but also closely related to consumers' driving safety. At the meeting, yangyusheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, stressed: "we should use mature and safe batteries to develop safe, energy-saving and emission reducing electric vehicles."

For the production process trend of the next generation vehicle specification level power battery, Lulangung, director of the State Key Laboratory of safety and energy conservation of Tsinghua University, said: "The advantages of the winding process are high production efficiency and controllable clamping force between layers. However, due to the small curvature radius, especially the internal center curvature radius of the winding core, the n/p is small, the force on the charge and discharge is uneven, the deformation is inconsistent, and lithium is easy to be separated. On the contrary, the lamination process is just the opposite, the force on each part is uniform, and it is not easy to be deformed. The lamination is more suitable for the electrode material with large deformation, which is conducive to ensuring the consistent deformation in the charge and discharge cycle and avoiding Lithium precipitation and other problems. "


  The picture shows the release ceremony of the white paper on high speed laminated power batteries for electric vehicles


At the meeting, liuyanlong, Secretary General of China chemical and physical power industry association, Puritan, Secretary General of Zhongguancun new battery technology innovation alliance, tanghaifeng, vice president of Great Wall Motors and chairman of honeycomb group, yanghongxin, general manager of honeycomb energy, raozhongru, deputy general manager, and others jointly released the white paper on high-speed laminated power batteries for electric vehicles.

It is understood that this is the world's first laminated battery application white paper, which comprehensively combs the development history and technical characteristics of power batteries, points out the safe way for the future development of vehicle specification power batteries, and helps to promote a new round of technological innovation of power batteries.

At the meeting, liuyanlong said in an interview with battery China. Com that laminated square batteries have certain advantages in energy density, stability, safety and cycle performance. For a long time in the past, the low lamination efficiency affected the large-scale application of the process. The white paper on high-speed laminated power batteries for electric vehicles provides a reference for the innovative application of the lamination process, It provides more options for the selection of various process power batteries for electric vehicles.

It is reported that the white paper, by horizontally comparing the differences between the lamination process and the winding process, puts forward the conditions that the vehicle specification battery needs to meet, such as safety, endurance, service life, size, capacity and price, so as to provide a clear standard reference for the manufacturing process innovation of all parties in the battery industry chain.

What are the dry goods disclosed in the white paper on high speed laminated power batteries for electric vehicles?

1. Process difference and quality control between winding and lamination

The biggest process difference between the square laminated battery and the wound battery lies in the three processes of slitting, die cutting and pole group forming. The processing methods of other processes are the same. The biggest difference lies in the different pole group forming methods.

First, the positive and negative plates of the winding process are continuous, and the positive and negative plates of the lamination process are flakes; Secondly, when the mark hole on the pole piece is detected in the winding process, it is cut at the mark hole position to complete the winding of a pole group. The laminated core is laminated according to the set number of positive and negative pole pieces. When the number reaches the set value, the laminated core is completed; Finally, there are differences in the shape of the formed pole groups. In the case of the same number of layers, the number of pole ears is twice that of the laminated battery. In terms of quality control, the requirements for burr and dust control of laminated cores are higher.

2. Development and performance advantages of stack technology and equipment

The white paper introduces that there are three directions for lamination equipment at present: ① high-speed lamination equipment route; ② Cutting and stacking machine; ③ High speed lamination equipment for thermal cladding. The first technology has high flexibility and feasibility and is in the development stage; The second is that there are still differences in efficiency matching between die-cutting machine and laminating machine, so it is not yet mature for application; The third one is limited by the patent protection of the thermal lamination process.

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