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The largest power battery testing base invested by t ü V Nande in the world was officially put into use

时间:2019-11-20        阅读

Will the battery "heat out of control" cause combustion or even explosion? Why are some vehicles on fire due to seawater backflow? What are the impacts of different road conditions such as rainstorm, desert, mountain road and snow on the vehicle battery? These problems are expected to be solved in the future. On November 14, Changzhou new energy vehicle testing laboratory and Nande new energy vehicle testing (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., the world's largest power battery testing base invested by t ü v South Germany group (hereinafter referred to as t ü v South Germany), was officially put into operation.

It is reported that the establishment of the laboratory aims to meet the R & D, testing, quality assessment and export certification needs of new energy vehicle enterprises, power batteries and battery parts manufacturers and enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region and nationwide, comprehensively ensure the safety of power batteries and assist in standardizing the market order.

Li Lin, vice mayor of Changzhou Municipal People's government, said that the operation of the laboratory in Wujin national high tech Zone will provide a strong boost for Wujin and Changzhou to accelerate the construction of a perfect, independent and controllable modern automobile industry system.

The safety of power battery should not be ignored

As one of the strategic emerging industries, China's new energy vehicles have developed rapidly in recent years. According to the data, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China exceeded 1million in 2018, and the production and sales scale ranked first in the world for three consecutive years. At the same time, the frequent occurrence of events and problems related to power battery safety, such as spontaneous combustion of new energy vehicles and short battery life, has sounded an alarm for the new energy vehicle industry.

From 2018 to July 2019, there were 20 recalls of new energy vehicles in China, involving 13 auto companies and 165000 new energy vehicles.

From 2011 to 2019, there were 127 new energy vehicle fires worldwide, involving 38 brands and 48 models, spanning 40 cities in 9 years.

While providing the above data, xuhailiang, the managing director of Nande new energy vehicle testing (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., analyzed and said, "these problems of the power battery of new energy vehicles are closely related to the quality, and the uneven level of battery safety and performance behind the hot new energy vehicle market is worth paying attention to". He believes that the current problems of domestic new energy vehicle power batteries mainly focus on paying attention to energy density and ignoring the balance between energy density, safety and abuse, focusing on "sample testing" and ignoring the quality system management of the whole process, and the unstable consistency of battery products.

As one of the three core components of new energy vehicles, the power battery not only accounts for about 40% of the cost of the whole vehicle, but also directly determines the safety and mileage of the whole vehicle. Its importance is self-evident. Experts pointed out that only by effectively improving the safety and stability of the power battery can it take a strong lead in the second half of the more fierce and brutal competition in the new energy vehicle market.

Introduce more practical risks into standard testing

Benefiting from the rapid development of the new energy vehicle market, the development of China's power battery industry is about to enter a new stage of rapid development. Safe, long-life and high specific energy power batteries will become the mainstream of industrial demand, and the testing demand for power batteries will continue to grow.

According to the statistical results of inspection and testing service industry released by the State Administration of market supervision, by the end of 2018, there were nearly 40000 inspection and testing institutions in China, with an annual operating income of 281.05 billion yuan. The number of inspection and testing institutions and the size of the inspection and testing market in China have maintained a synchronous growth. Among them, the proportion of emerging fields such as electronics and electrical appliances increased. In 2018, emerging fields achieved a total revenue of 45.707 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.45%.

Inspection and detection plays an increasingly important role in maintaining quality safety and accelerating technological innovation. Since quality hazards often occur under some unexpected limit conditions, how can more practical risks be introduced into standard testing? Xuhailiang said that t ü V Nande has spared no effort to build Changzhou new energy vehicle testing laboratory to provide professional one-stop testing and certification services for new energy vehicle manufacturers.

The reporter learned that the test products of this laboratory, which covers an area of about 6000 square meters, can cover various products at the power battery unit, module, battery pack and system level, and can meet a number of international standards and Chinese national standards; The test capability covers mandatory test items such as safety, performance, abuse and cycle life; At the same time, it carries out supporting construction according to German technical requirements, fully supports customized projects required by industry and enterprise R & D, and carries out comprehensive power battery test, evaluation and analysis throughout the life cycle.

T ü v South Germany said that the establishment of the laboratory marked another implementation and promotion of its development plan for China's new energy vehicle testing laboratory. Previously, t ü V Nande released the 2018 energy storage application industry research report, which comprehensively introduced the technology and risk areas of electrochemical energy storage system, brought an "encyclopedic" industry white paper to the new energy industry, and shared the relevant testing requirements of electric vehicle batteries with the industry by holding a power battery certification technology exchange meeting, participating in the China International Electric Vehicle Safety Innovation Technology Conference, etc.

It is reported that the newly opened Changzhou new energy vehicle testing laboratory is the third laboratory in the world to cover the whole testing projects (safety, environment, performance and abuse) of monomer, module and system in t ü V Nande after Germany and Canada, and it is also the power battery testing base with the largest investment amount in the world.

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