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The Ministry of industry and information technology released the key points for the standardization of new energy vehicles this year. What is the impact on lithium batteries?

时间:2020-04-20        阅读

Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the key points for the standardization of new energy vehicles.

It is learned from the document that this year, the standardization of new energy vehicles will thoroughly implement the national strategy for the development of new energy vehicles, uphold the concept of innovation, integration, openness and cooperation, continue to optimize the standard system, accelerate the development of key standards, deepen international exchanges and cooperation, give play to the leading role of standards in technological innovation and industrial upgrading, and support the high-quality development of new energy vehicles in China.

Centering on this core idea, the Ministry of industry and information technology mainly starts from three aspects: continuously optimizing the standard system, accelerating the development of key standards, and deepening international exchanges and cooperation.

1、 Continuously optimize the standard system

(1) Strengthen the standard top-level design. Guided by the needs of large-scale industrial development and the innovation and development of new technologies, comprehensively sort out the standard projects under research and the standard planning for the next five years for electric vehicles, strengthen the preliminary investigation and effect evaluation of important standards, focus on the comparison between domestic standards and international standards and regulations, determine the phased construction objectives and key work nodes, and complete the preparation of the "fourteenth five year plan" standard system in the field of new energy vehicles.

(2) Develop standard work paths. According to the technical development trend and industrial development demand of new energy vehicles and related fields, the medium and long-term development goals of the new energy vehicle standard system are put forward, and the third edition of China's electric vehicle standardization roadmap is prepared and released to provide support for the integrated and sustainable development of the new energy vehicle industry.

2、 Accelerate the development of key standards

(1) In the field of electric vehicles: complete the technical review of the safety requirements and standards for electric vehicles after collision, and carry out the pre research on the safety performance evaluation methods and test procedures of electric vehicles in use; Complete the formulation of standards for energy consumption and driving range of pure electric vehicles and energy consumption test methods of hybrid electric vehicles, and perform the approval procedures; Promote the revision and approval of the standards for power performance test methods of pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.

(2) In the field of fuel cell vehicles: accelerate the formulation of standards for fuel cell electric vehicle hydrogenation gun, hydrogenation port, etc., and complete the standard project approval of hydrogenation communication protocol; Promote the establishment of vehicle standards such as post crash safety requirements for fuel cell electric vehicles, vehicle test method standards such as low-temperature cold start, energy consumption and driving range, and dynamic performance, as well as standards for key components such as engine, air compressor, and on-board hydrogen system of fuel cell electric vehicles.

(3) Power battery field: carry out pre research on safety test methods and standards for power batteries that meet different needs, and speed up the establishment of standards related to the electrical performance and cycle life of power batteries; Carry out pre research on the revision of power battery specifications and sizes, and improve the modular standard system of power batteries; Complete the technical review of discharge specifications for power battery recycling and product identification for echelon utilization, and solicit opinions on design guidelines for echelon utilization and construction specifications for recycling service outlets.

(4) In the field of charging and changing electricity: complete the review and approval of the standards related to electromagnetic compatibility of conductive charging, solicit opinions on the standards related to the safety requirements of conductive charging, promote the revision of the standards related to the general requirements of charging connection devices, and carry out high current charging test verification; Accelerate the formulation of interoperability requirements and testing, electromagnetic compatibility and other relevant standards for electric vehicle wireless charging; Complete the review and approval of the safety requirements and standards for electric vehicle replacement.

3、 Deepen international exchanges and cooperation

(1) Actively participate in the coordination of global technical regulations. Earnestly perform the responsibilities of the leader of the working group on the formulation of regulations under the framework of the United Nations World Forum for harmonization of vehicle regulations (wp.29), actively promote the second phase of the global technical regulation on the safety of electric vehicles, and deeply participate in the formulation and coordination of relevant technical regulations under the framework of the working groups on electric vehicles, the environment and fuel cell vehicles.

(2) Deeply participate in the formulation of international standards. Systematically track the standard development progress of the road vehicle Committee of the international organization for Standardization (iso/tc22) and the electric vehicle Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (iec/tc69) and their subordinate working groups, focus on the safety of electric vehicles, power cells, charging and changing, fuel cell vehicles, etc., organize domestic enterprises, technical institutions and experts to actively carry out special research and technical verification, study and propose international standard proposals and participate in the formulation in depth.

(3) Carry out extensive international cooperation and exchanges. Relying on multilateral and bilateral cooperation and dialogue mechanisms such as China EU, China Germany, China France, China Japan and APEC, we should strengthen communication and coordination and deepen standards cooperation in key areas; Seize the opportunity of jointly building the "the Belt and Road", focus on strengthening the standardization exchange of electric vehicles with ASEAN, Central Asia and other countries, and actively promote the "going out" of China's new energy vehicle standards.

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