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Dragon Boat Festival activities of Wuhan Lantian Electronics Co., Ltd. in 2022

时间:2022-06-02     【原创】   阅读

"Yulan wrapped zongzi in memory of loyal officials, and the body of the Hunan river will never die. On that day, the king of Chu hated his ears, and he died with his country."

Quyuan, a doctor of the state of Chu, has always loved his country, but his patriotism was unfairly treated by Zilan, Jinshang and others. At that time, the monarch was very fatuous and incompetent. The people were living in dire straits. The state of Qin was ready to attack the state of Chu. Quyuan admonished the monarch, but was dismissed and exiled. Later, the Qin army broke through the capital of the state of Chu, and the state of Chu perished. On the fifth day of May 278, after hearing the news, Qu Yuan was overwhelmed with grief. After writing Huaisha in his hut, he looked at the capital of the state of Chu and jumped into the rolling Guluo river. The people of the state of Chu were very sad when they heard the news. They all rowed boats to save Qu Yuan, but there was no sign of Qu Yuan. After fishing in the Miluo River for a long time, they couldn't find Qu Yuan's body. They had to sprinkle the rice in the bamboo tube, hoping that the fish in the water wouldn't eat Qu Yuan's body. Since then, on the fifth day of the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, local people have rowed to scatter the rice in the bamboo tube into the river. Later, people changed the rice in the bamboo tube into zongzi. This is the origin of zongzi.

The Dragon Boat Festival has arrived in the scorching summer. This afternoon, the company prepared a variety of activities and rich food for the employees in the canteen and training room on the fourth floor, so that they could relax. Thank you for your usual efforts, and say "hard work" to you here! Also say "Dragon Boat Festival well-being" to all the friends who trust Wuhan blue power!

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