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WU HAN Land Mid Autumn Festival activities

时间:2022-09-09     【原创】   阅读

"The moon is the brightness of the hometown, and the people are the relatives of the hometown".

"Mid autumn festival every year, mid autumn festival every year, Mid Autumn Festival again today, life is easy to get old, the Mid Autumn Festival is not over, the heart of a child is homestead, and the heart of a wandering child is watching the full moon.".

August 15 of the lunar calendar is the traditional Mid Autumn Festival in China and the second largest traditional festival in China after the Spring Festival. August 15, just in the middle of autumn, is called the mid - Autumn Festival The ancient Chinese calendar calls August, which is in the middle of autumn, the "Mid Autumn Festival". According to legend, in ancient times, there were ten suns in the sky, which dried up the crops and made the people miserable. A hero named Hou Yi had boundless power. He sympathized with the suffering people, climbed the top of Kunlun Mountain, wielded all his divine power, opened his divine bow, shot down nine Suns in one stroke, and strictly ordered the last sun to rise and fall on time for the benefit of the people. Hou Yi was therefore respected and loved by the people. Hou Yi married a beautiful and kind wife named Chang'e. In addition to passing on his art and hunting, Hou Yi spent all day with his wife. People were very envious of this loving couple. Many people with lofty ideals came to learn art from him, and Peng Meng, who had an evil heart, also mixed in. Once, Hou Yi went to Kunlun mountain to visit his friends and ask for advice. When he saw the queen mother, he asked her for a package of immortality. Hou Yi gave the elixir to his wife Chang'e, but Peng Meng saw it and decided to get it. When Hou Yi went hunting, Peng Meng forced Chang'e to hand over the immortality medicine. Chang'e had no choice but to swallow the medicine and fly to the sky. She became a Moon Fairy and stayed in the Moon Palace for a long time. Hou Yi knew that, so he made his wife's favorite thing and put it in the back garden on August 15th to give it to his favorite wife, Chang'e. therefore, the Mid Autumn Festival was born, which is the origin of the Mid Autumn Festival.

Mid Autumn Festival? Of course, we should organize activities! This afternoon, the company prepared handmade ice moon cakes, mung bean cakes and exquisite afternoon tea for everyone in the canteen and training room on the fourth floor. Each department arranged people to explain the origin, customs and poems of the Mid Autumn Festival, so that everyone could enjoy it.













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