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The 15th CIBF Shenzhen International Battery Exhibition Successfully Ends

The high-profile "15th Shenzhen International Battery Technology Exchange Conference/Exhibition (CIBF2023)" was grandly opened in Shenzhen World Exhibition&Convention Center (Bao'an New Hall) on May 16, 2023. The cumulative number of visitors to the exhibition has exceeded 360000, setting a new historical high. Industry event, gathering of experts, discussing the Tao in Pengcheng, and discussing the overall situation together.


China International Battery Technology Exchange/Exhibition (CIBF) is the first brand exhibition in the battery industry to be protected through trademark registration, organized by the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association. CIBF currently holds a series of events every two years in Shenzhen, including exhibitions, battery cutting-edge technology seminars, power battery exchange meetings, and battery industry cooperation summits. Currently, CIBF has become a wind vane for the global battery industry, ranking at the forefront of industry exhibitions in terms of exhibition scale, industry influence, degree of specialization, international docking, and information enhancement.

LAND attaches great importance to this exhibition, and more than 20 people from technology research and development, marketing and other departments have participated in the exhibition in Guangdong. Through the exhibition, the company once again showcased our latest achievements in battery testing to the industry and society, and sought opportunities to further strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions.


LAND is showcasing the 3000 series constant temperature integrated box for the first time, adopting horizontal air supply and frequency conversion adjustment technology, which is the first in the industry. Supports temperature regulation from 0 ℃ to 60 ℃, with good uniformity in cabin temperature control and interlayer temperature difference less than ± 1 ℃, which has been unanimously recognized by our customers.




Faced with opportunities and challenges, Blue Power boldly tries and innovates, continuously delving into the segmented market of battery cell testing equipment and its supporting facilities. With the help of this grand stage, LAND will introduce the latest products and technologies to its customers, further expanding the company's influence and reputation in the field of

battery testing. Blue Power will continue to work hard to make positive contributions to promoting the development of China's battery industry.

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