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Wuhan Land participated in the 8th National Solid State Battery Symposium

时间:2023-05-05        阅读

The rapid development of new energy vehicles and large-scale energy storage has continuously raised new expectations and requirements for the energy density and safety of secondary batteries such as lithium/sodium ion batteries. Traditional liquid lithium-ion batteries are approaching their energy density limit, and the presence of flammable organic electrolytes poses safety hazards to traditional lithium-ion batteries. Solid state batteries have shown unique advantages in energy density, lifespan, applicability, safety, and other indicators, and have received support from key special projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology and key projects of the National Science and Technology Foundation. They are also a research and development hotspot worldwide. The National Solid State Battery Symposium is held once a year and is an academic event and exchange platform for China's solid state battery technology research and development and the business community. This conference focuses on the foundation, application, and cutting-edge issues of solid-state battery technology development, comprehensively showcases the latest research progress and achievements in the field of solid-state batteries, deeply explores the opportunities, challenges, and future development directions faced in the field of solid-state batteries, strengthens scientific research cooperation and technology transformation, and jointly promotes the rapid development of solid-state batteries.

From April 26 to 28, 2023, the 8th National Solid State Battery Symposium was successfully held at the Chaoman Kerry Hotel in Wuhan Optics Valley. The Committee of the China Silicate Society and the organizing committee of this conference invited scholars, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and government officials from all over the country and overseas engaged in basic research, application development, and industry related to solid state batteries to gather in the heroic city of Wuhan, Communicate and showcase the latest research results in the field of solid-state batteries. This meeting adopts communication modes such as conference reports, invitation reports, youth scholar forums, and wall newspaper displays.

The company was invited to participate in the 8th Solid State Battery Symposium, showcasing the latest technologies and products, attracting the attention of many industry insiders. The company also had in-depth discussions with numerous domestic scholars and experts in the solid state battery industry, sharing its experience and achievements in the field of solid state batteries, further enhancing the company's visibility and influence.



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